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After serving their country, veterans deserve the respect and resources they deserve to prosper in society. As a veteran, I know the struggles some individuals may face when re-entering the workforce and reintegrating into society. Our elected officials should be providing resources to veterans and serve them just as the veterans served their country.


Homeless Vets:

Even one single homeless veteran is a slap in the face to society. Our current programs must be revamped and improved upon so that every veteran has a roof to live under after they volunteered to lay down their lives for their country. If the current programs don’t seem to cut it, we need to create more programs that do. State and local governments should have the resources to serve as an asset to veterans and help them assist in obtaining their benefits.


VA Privatization:

The government should have an active role in the VA process. After overseeing their service, the government should oversee their retirement. The VA should not be run for profit because its purpose is to help veterans.


Women in Combat:

Women serve today and will continue to serve in the future. I fully support any person who volunteers to lay down their lives for their country. In fact, some of the women are tougher than some of the men. Looking back at my service, I wouldn’t mind my battle buddy being a woman, after all, we took the same oath.


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